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Successful exhibition in the Philconstruct 2018

Post by on 2018-02-05 16:25:43

Last week, after visit the customers in the Philippines for 10 days, our sales manager came back from the Philconstruct 2018 in manila. This is not the first time we attend the Philconstruct, we attend this exhibition every year, thanks to our qualified product and sincere service, many friends show interest in our concrete machine and ask many questions and information, our sales manager always explained clearly and gave them professional advice on the equipment features. In addition, if the customer has specific requirement, our sales preservative can help them the find the most suitable concrete mixing machine type such as stationary concrete batching plant, mobile concrete batching plant or concrete mixer truck, besides, we can give them advice on the choice of different capacity which meet the demand of the project most and can save a lot of time and cost. All in all, this is quite a successful exhibition.

concrete mixer truck philippines

After the Philconstruct finished in 9th January 2018, our sales didn’t come back in the first time, for we have lots of case in the Philippines, it is a good chance to visit them, hearing the feedback and requirements from them can help us more on the future development. It take a lot of time to visit our clients, in the future, we will have more clients, because we are strong in the market of the Philippines.

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