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 Haomei machinery are one of the best concrete mixer truck manufacturers in China, we supply qualified concrete mixer truck for sale with capacity 6-16 cubic meter to meet the customers demands, they named as HM6-D to HM16-D. And we also provide problems solution to change the structure of the machine as required. Many friends asked for the characteristics of Haomei concrete mixer truck, it’s my pleasure to introduce them to you.

concrete mixer truck for sale

The characteristics of concrete mixer truck for sale are:

1. The hydraulic system adopts the current advanced leading products, the quality is stable and with low fault rate.

2. Various series reducer adopts advanced concrete mixing tank dedicated reducer, the quality is reliable and durable.

3. The mixing tank uses high strength wear resistant steel plate to make it durable for use.

4. Loading capacity is very high and the structure is compact.

5. Blade design is reasonable, the unloading residual rate is low.

6. Chassis adopts rectangular steel tube with high strength and resistance to deformation.

7. Discharge groove height can be adjusted at ease.

8. Common feeding port settings, makes the material is not easy to spread out.

9. High quality paint makes the surface colorful and beautiful with strong durability at the same time.

10. Simple operation, a handle can complete centralized control of mixing tank steering, configuration is mature and reliable, the maintenance is convenient.

11. The fender can be mounted, easy for workers to go up and down, the fender is with beautiful appearance.

12.Continuous rotation in transition with no precipitation, concrete segregation, low noise, no smoke and low price.

Competitive price,reasonable structure, best service, professional staff, short delivery period, selectable payment, all these aspects make Haomei machinery your first select when you are searching for concrete mixer truck for sale. Please contact us if you have any problem.

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