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Concrete mixing truck is special vehicles composed of concrete special mixing device mounted on universal chassis. Special device of concrete mixer trucks for sale mainly include taking power device, hydraulic system, speed reducer, mixing device, control system, water supply system, electrical system, etc.

concrete mixer trucks for sale

The main system and its working principles of concrete mixer trucks for sale are introduced as follows:

1. Take power device

Main engine take power method is mostly used in concrete mixer truck, the drive shaft drives the engine power out and though the hydraulic system to drive the agitator cylinder to rotate in the feed and during transport, to facilitate feeding and mixing of concrete, reverse rotation during discharging.  

2. The hydraulic system and the speed reducer

Hydraulic system is mainly composed of hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, radiator and high-pressure tubing. Its role is transport the engine power into hydraulic energy (displacement and pressure) by the hydraulic pump, then output as the mechanical energy (rotational speed and torque) through the motor, and finally reduced the speed by the reducer to supply power for mixing drum rotation.  

3. The mixing device

The device is mainly composed of mixing barrel, front-rear support and charge-discharge auxiliary parts and so on. Mixing cylinder is the loading container of concrete, its internal contains a set of double helix blade. When the cylinder rotates, the concrete spiral along the blade direction, constantly mixing and stirring in the process of ascension and turn. In the process of feeding and transport, mixing barrel turns forward, concrete mixed along the leaf; When discharging, mixing tube inversion, concrete outward along the blade discharge. The front-rear support is the main supporting parts of mixing barrel, through the reduction and roller to support the cylinder. Front-rear and other auxiliary pack consists of feed hopper, discharging hopper, sliding chute, extended slot and lift tilting mechanism.  

4. Control system

Mainly control the steering and speed of mixing drum, control system can independent control respectively from driving indoor and outside. The steering control of mixing barrel is through the soft shaft drives the hydraulic pump variable swinging rod, cylinder speed control is through the soft shaft drive chassis engine throttle.  

5. Water supply system and electrical system

Water supply system mainly consists of water tank, in and out water piping, pressure gauge, tracheal valves and other parts. Generally ,the compressed air is provided by the chassis cylinder, when the water pressure increase, it can be used for the customer to flush the tank and other accessories. Electrical system is mainly composed of work lights, clearance lights and radiator temperature control switch and other electric road.

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