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How to choose a high quality concrete mixer truck

Post by on 2017-07-05 16:24:50

 Concrete mixer truck is a popular machine in concrete machinery, its cost is a little higher than concrete mixer, so to choose a high quality concrete mixer truck is the first step in saving cost. Today we are going to tech you about two aspects in choosing qualified concrete mixer truck for sale.

concrete mixer truck for sale

1. The first is abut the chassis    

The chassis of the concrete mixer truck is the highest cost of the commodity concrete mixer truck and the highest maintenance cost in use. The chassis is divided into imported chassis and domestic chassis, imported chassis is better than domestic chassis on performance, comfort, reliability and emission standards and other aspects, and domestic chassis have a greater advantage in the price, service outlets. About the chassis, the main focus are on the engine power and torque, fuel consumption, tires, frame, driving comfort and emission standards and so on. But also according to the user's own needs to decide, body size, whether transmission in the construction site is convenient.


2. The second is about the fuel consumption

You need to pay attention to the fuel consumption problem, the fuel consumption of concrete mixer truck chassis is higher than the same brand vehicles, because the concrete mixer truck engine should work for a long time without rest, it must be in working condition, so choose a solid engine is also a very important part of choosing a concrete mixer truck.


3. The last is about the hydraulic transmission parts

Due to poor road conditions, so the quality and reliability requirements of hydraulic transmission parts are quite high, if there is faulty in the construction, the maintenance is a big trouble. At present, there are two configurations in the hydraulic transmission system: split type configuration, which consists of hydraulic oil pump, hydraulic motor, cooler and reducer. The configuration is mature and reliable, and easy to repair. The other is a three-in-one configuration. which consists of hydraulic pump, three-in-one slow machine (including hydraulic motor, radiator, reducer), the configuration is with high integration, easy device, beautiful appearance, but because the hydraulic system and reducer in the machine use the same oil, so the requirements of the oil is more stringent.

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