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The weight develop trend of concrete mixer truck

Post by on 2017-08-04 15:28:36

 After years of development, the manufacturers have grasp the general structure to produce the concrete mixer truck. Although there are many manufacturers, but some of them can not supply qualified concrete mixer truck, most manufacturers still do not find the development trend of the mixer. The future of the mixer truck market is bound to be a variety of diversified market, due to the different characteristics of different industries, the demand for specific varieties are different, the concrete mixer truck market can be a number of hot coexistence, thus forming a diversified market, for us to provide a broad space for development. The light body weight is the most obvious trend.

 concrete mixer truck

With the technological progress of materials industry, to shorten the gap with foreign products, the use of new materials and new technology for reducing their own weight, improve transport efficiency play a catalytic role. As the body weight of the concrete mixer truck is reduced, it is easier to move and the fuel consumption is reduced at the same time. As the body weight reduced, the pollution of concrete mixer truck is reduced, which is better for the environment, so the lees body weight is a non-stop trend of concrete mixer truck development. All the company and construction project need concrete mixer truck to transfer the concrete to the site need, if the cost of using a light weight concrete mixer truck has reduced a lot, they will be more and more popular in the market.

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