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With the development of modern city, more and more construction sites appear in city and urban town, while these projects need large amount of commercial concrete, and of course need mobile concrete mixer truck to transfer the concrete to the working site. As Haomei machinery has supply concrete machine for more than 20 years, more and more customers come to Haomei to purchase concrete mixer truck, you may wondering why Haomei concrete mixer truck so popular and attract people’s interest, here are the answers!

mobile concrete mixer truck

1, The chassis of concrete mixer truck can be choose, we have many brands for sale, such as Futian, Dongfeng and other chassis, the capacity optional as 6 cubic meter, 8 cubic meter, 9 cubic meter, 10 cubic meter, 12 cubic meter, 14 cubic meter and 16 cubic meter.
2, Use of hydraulic transmission device, do not rely on external forces, easy to use, the tank continuous rotation during transport, the concrete does not precipitate and segregated.
3, The hydraulic system, reducer, oil pumps, motors all adopt domestic first-line brand, which are economical and practical, with stable quality and easy maintenance. Customers can also choose imported hydraulic system.
4, Use of Q345 iron alloy to made concrete mixing tank body, witch is durable and with long using period. The concrete mixing tank head with 8mm thickness, the cylinder with thickness of 6mm, tooling for splicing, the girth and vertical seam are automatic welding. The blade thickness of 6mm, mold pressing, cast steel tug, reinforced roller blade design reasonable, residual rate is low, large round horn spinning head, no dead ends, no residual concrete.
5, The unique feeding mouth design makes it is not easy to sprinkle material.
6, Easy to operate, a handle can achieve centralized control of the mixing tank, rear throttle switch can be achieve one-button operation, saving you effective time.
7, Small size, transport flexibility, easy operation and maintenance, power consumption is small, energy-saving effect is remarkable.

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