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The cement mixer truck price is the first factor that determine whether we purchase it or not, but the quality of the cement mixer truck is also very important to buyers. All in all, the price and quality of the cement mixer truck are indispensable. We all know that the mixer truck drum and chassis will be firmly integrated into cement mixer truck we bought, it is used for transport and stir the concrete to the designated location quickly and properly.

cement mixer truck price

The price of cement mixer truck is affect the capacity, the material and brand. Today the topic is about the quality performance. The high quality cement mixer truck has the advantages:
Advantages of the engine: Strong engine power, faster acceleration, more economical fuel economy, and environmental protection without pollution.
Transmission advantages: Large torque, fast climbing, international quality, high quality, light weight. Axle advantages: Equipped with high-strength rear axle, strong bearing capacity, free disassembly and maintenance, saving more money.

The features of HAOMEI cement mixer trucks are:
The feature of the machine is that the center of gravity and the structure are optimized. The appearance of the cement mixer truck is beautiful and the operation is stable. The hydraulic components are made of high quality products. The mechanical components structure are reasonable, easy to operate, stable and reliable in performance. While on the way, the mixing drum can be continuously rotated, so as to avoid the phenomena such as discrete and precipitation of the cement slurry, so as to ensure the quality of the stirred cement slurry in the transportation process.

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