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Cement truck composition and working principles

Post by on 2018-04-20 16:36:42

Cement trucks generally refer to the vehicles to transfer and stirring concrete on the way from batching plant to the construction site. The cement truck also has other name, such as cement mixer truck, concrete mixer trucks and so on. In order to meet environmental protection requirements and save energy, the concrete generally concentrate on production. The concrete mixing plant is located at a distance from the construction sites, therefore, the cement trucks are needed.

cement truck

In detail, the cement mixer truck includes chassis system for driving guarantee, transmission system, hydraulic system, front-rear frame, sub-frame system, mixing tank body, in-out material system, water tank, cleaning system, steering system and electrical system, etc. The system performance of the concrete mixer truck depends on stability, handling and the performance of the mixer drum. The working principle of the cement mixer truck is that the engine drives the stirring tank to rotate, and the concrete truck mixer loads the ready-mixed concrete at the concrete mixing plant. For the loaded commodity concrete, it will keep rotating at a low speed during transportation to prevent segregation and deposition, maintain the homogeneity of the concrete, and run the vehicle at a prescribed speed. Upon the cement truck reaches the designated unloading site, the concrete moves under the spiral to the unloading port and is loaded into the concrete pump truck or other containers.

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