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How to choose concrete mixer truck capacity

Post by on 2018-02-11 14:15:01

Some owners have always had a wrong idea when buying concrete mixer trucks, they think that the bigger the capacity of a concrete mixer truck is, the more cost-effective it is, their choice is based on the concrete mixer truck capacity. Although this concept is correct theoretically, in actual, on the use it is different. If the capacity is large, the tank volume is larger inevitably, large tank volume not only affects the cost, but also affect the performance, driving safety factor is low, the larger the tank is, the higher the center of gravity is, the vehicle stability is poor. Therefore, we should be based on the operating conditions, economic efficiency, performance, safety and other factors to choose the right concrete mixer truck.

concrete mixer truck capacity

So what how to choose the concrete mixer truck capacity exactly? First of all, concrete mixer truck capacity can not simply think that is the volume of the tank, there must be a clear distinction between the three concepts:
1, Geometry volume: The actual geometric volume of mixing barrel, refers to the geometric volume calculated using mathematical methods in design.
2, Ready-mix volume: The amount of ready-mixed concrete that can be transported by the mixer truck(in terms of tamped volume). It can be seen as the volume of ready-mixed concrete can be unloaded on concrete side after the concrete mixer truck reach the project site.
3. Stirring volume: The concrete mixer truck is located in a horizontal position. The the largest unmixed concrete material volume that the mixer bucket can holds(including water) and can be stirred (in tamped volume).
The relationship between the three should be: geometry volume> ready-mix volume> stirring volume, the capacity often referred to by the user is the volume of ready-mix volume, so in the current purchase, we should pay attention to distinguish the mixing volume clarify. Now, small concrete mixer trucks will be the future direction of development, customers or friends need to buy concrete mixer truck according to the own use.

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