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A great concrete mixer truck manufacturer is the guarantee of qualified concrete mixer truck products. For concrete mixer truck belongs to heavy equipment, the quality must be the first factor we need to consider, the maintenance cost will be high if we choose a bad model. Haomei Machinery is one of the best concrete mixer truck manufacturers in China, the concrete mixer truck we supplied can always cover the demands of our customers. Mainly, our concrete mixer trucks have the technical characteristics as follows.

concrete mixer truck manufacturer

1. Advanced production technology.
Concrete mixer truck production in Haomei Machinery has complete range of process technology such as mixing drum blades formed by press, automatic girth, longitudinal seam welder, long axis roller frame, overall welding mixer tube, etc. These equipment technology ensure the quality and technical level of concrete mixer truck, which can not be compared by other workshop-style production.
2. Excellent feeding and discharging speed.
The biggest rotation speed of the mixing drum is 18 r/m, the feeding rotation speed is 6-12 r/m, the discharge rotation speed is 12-16 r/m. The feed rate ≥ 3.5 m3/m. Discharging speed: ≥2 m3/m, while the idling discharge speed is up to 1.1 m3/m, the boom pumps and trailer pump do not need much power, which saving the fuel costs much.
3. Low residual rate.
The discharge residual rate of Haomei Machinery is ≤ 0.8% (standard required residual rate is ≤ 3 ~ 5%).
4. Choose-able mixing capacity.
We have a lot of models for used in different construction environment and site. The mixing capacity is from 5m3 to 14 m3, you can choose the best type according to your need.

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