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Concrete mixer truck parts introduction

Post by on 2018-03-23 17:06:51

The concrete mixer truck parts are "chassis" and "upper device", in fact, the concrete mixer truck belongs to the special vehicle for the concrete engineering industry with high technology content and high added value, embodied in the olive-type design, the included angle, power system, operating system, material selection, rack and many other details. Concrete mixer trucks pay more attention to the application of technology to ensure overall stability, production safety, and commercial concrete quality.

concrete mixer truck parts

In summary, the concrete mixer truck is composed of two parts: the chassis of the vehicle and the mixing transport system. The former has self-propelled functions, transmission, steering and braking systems. The latter includes power transmission, mixing devices, control systems, cleaning systems, and enclosed loading and unloading systems that ensure environmental protection and safety. The complete concrete mixer parts includes:
1, the chassis system. Mainly used imported or domestic standard vehicle chassis, small-scale mixers.
2, the transmission device. This part mainly includes the bodywork system transmission shaft and hydraulic system.
3, the stirring tank body. The mixing tank is of olive type and is constantly stirred during transportation to prevent the concrete from solidifying and to ensure its quality.
4, the discharge system. Also known as the unloading system, the concrete or mixture is ??discharged in the discharge chute.
5, the feeding system. The concrete enters the mixing tank under the action of the spiral blade through the loading guide bush.
6, the cleaning system. The refueling system acts on the water tank and cleans the main system such as the mixing drum and the incoming and outgoing materials.

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