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Concrete mixer vehicle star model

Post by on 2018-03-30 14:31:18

Concrete mixer vehicle which means concrete mixer equipped on the vehicle, in general, concrete mixer truck is a special vehicle to stir and transport concrete. With the vigorous development of new rural construction, the current popularity of small-sized concrete mixer trucks has been achieved, including 6 m3 concrete mixer trucks. These concrete mixers trucks have brought new rural construction to a certain contribution and has become the new favor of the current new rural construction. What is the magic power of the small concrete mixer truck to become the preferred model for the new rural construction?

concrete mixer vehicle

First of all, the 6m3 concrete mixer truck meets the narrow requirements of rural road construction. The vehicle comes equipped with famous brands of hydraulic oil pumps, hydraulic motors, and speed reducers, which have stable performance, safety and reliability. The tank body adopts pear-shaped structure design. The tank body is made of high-strength carbon steel. The double-helix logarithmic thickened blade is adopted for the blade, the mixture is uniformly wear-resistant and has a low residual rate. The concrete mixer vehicle is equipped with a pressure tank, which can be used for constant pressure, pressure regulation, replenishment and overflow for tank cleaning and body cleaning. The tail discharge trough is designed as a splicing and folding type, and the diameter of the trough is large which facilitates unloading and is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. From the outside to the inside, from the value to the performance, 6m3 concrete mixer truck can reflect that it is a good one.

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