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How to Choose Suitable Concrete Mixers Trucks

Post by on 2017-11-07 16:27:05

With the increasing need of concrete in national construction, the investment in concrete mixers trucks becomes hotter and hotter. Concrete mixer truck manufacturers are rapidly pouring into the market, however, in these manufacturers, how could we choose the suitable equipment for production? We should not be dominated by the marketplace, according to our own production needs, so there are many specific factors need to consider.

concrete mixers trucks

1, Consideration of the cost and benefit.
The rate of investment and return must be the first factor to be considered, that is the price is the lower the better, but make sure the quality is guaranteed.
2, Consideration of market competition and needs.
The demand for local concrete, the existing concrete mixer truck and the scale of development trends.
3, Consideration of commonly used concrete performance label.
In order to choose the suitable specification and stirring blade. The specification of concrete mixer truck can be 6m3 to 18m3.
4, Consideration of the operators.
The requirements of the operation and maintenance ability is high, so whether it is easy to hire an operator, whether the operator has professional operation skill need to be considered.
5, Consideration of the concrete amount and the project duration.
In order to select the size of the concrete mixers trucks, taking into account the instantaneous and average amount of concrete.
6, Consideration of the construction environment and the transport distance.
The timely supply of concrete and transport traffic.

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