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Check list of using concrete truck mixer for sale

Post by on 2017-09-12 17:49:37

When it comes to the machine carry concrete to the construction site, concrete truck mixer for sale comes into my mind immediately. With the advantages of convenient, reliable, easy to maintain, concrete mixer truck becomes the necessary equipment in many construction projects. While using concrete mixer truck, the check list are significant. Here are some tips before and after using it.

 concrete truck mixer for sale

Before use: Check whether the air compressor self-protection device is reliable, the pressure is stable. Check whether the water pump is enough, the pipeline is smooth, the opening and closing of bucket bucket door, cement bucket door and the middle hopper door, the material door is flexible and reliable. Check whether the host blade connection bolts of concrete mixer stir are solid. Check whether the electrical device is safe and reliable, the limit switch action switch is flexible and reliable. Check whether the lubrication point rapid deceleration box has enough oil.

After use: the inside and outside of mixing tank, the material on the door need to be cleaned up, the lubrication point should be filled with lubricating oil, especially in the seal of shaft end, the winter should drained the liquid inside the water system, put the air compressor reservoir gas and water, after operation all the switches are in a non-working state and cut off the power.

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