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Concrete mixer truck safety rules

Post by haomei machinery on 2016-08-31 17:37:43

Concrete mixer truck safety rules

Concrete mixer truck safety rules:

1. Before starting to deal with all parts of the mechanical system to be checked carefully before they start after confirmation well.

2. Before starting, should be stirred joystick on the "neutral" position.

3. After the start, it should be stirred joystick on the "discharge" position, put the barrel to water.

4. When loading, stirring the operating lever should be placed on "charge" position.

5. Before transport, discharge chute must be fixed in the "drive" position to prevent swinging.

6. joystick, should be in the "neutral" position stopover before moving to the next position.

7. Well civilization construction, excess material is allowed to casually Dumping barrel. It must be mixing tube, chute, roller and other parts for cleaning after discharge.

8. Clear concrete lumps people into the barrel, you should turn off the vehicle, disconnect switches keys, cylinder peripheral guardianship.

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