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Drive device maintenance of the concrete truck

Post by on 2018-04-26 18:05:54

The function of the concrete truck drive device is to drive the rotation of the concrete tank. It consists of power take-off device, cardan shaft, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, control valve, hydraulic oil tank and cooling device. If the driving device stopped due to malfunction, the concrete tank will not be able to rotate, which will lead to the scrapping of the concrete in the concrete mixer truck, and even cause the whole concrete to condense in the tank, causing the concrete mixer truck to be scrapped. Therefore, whether the driving device is reliable is a problem that must be highly regarded in use. In order to ensure that the drive is sound and reliable, the following maintenance work should be done.

concrete truck

1. The universal rotating part is with frequent faults. Grease should be added on time, the wear condition should be checked frequently and repaired and replaced in time. The concrete truck team should have a spare universal shaft to ensure that it can resume work within tens of minutes after the failure.
2. Keep the hydraulic oil clean. The poor working environment of concrete truck mixers must prevent dirt and cement from entering the hydraulic system. Hydraulic oil should be replaced regularly as required by the user manual. Once the hydraulic oil is found mixed with water or sand during inspection, the hydraulic system must be shut down immediately to replace the hydraulic oil.
3. Ensure that the hydraulic oil cooling device is effective. It is necessary to regularly clean up the hydraulic oil radiator to prevent the radiator from being blocked by the cement, check whether the radiator electric fan is running normally, and prevent the hydraulic oil temperature from exceeding the standard.

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