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Concrete mixer truck is a special vehicle for transporting concrete from concrete plant to construction project site. When the vehicle is in transit, the concrete in mobile concrete mixer truck will solidify into lumps in a short period of time, and has a certain degree of corrosion to the steel and paint. Therefore, Cleaning of the concrete adhered on concrete tanks and access mouth is a daily work which must be carefully maintained after finish transportation. How can we clean the concrete mixer truck correctly? What are the steps in details? The answers are as follows!

mobile concrete mixer truck

1. Flush the feed inlet with water before charging every time, keep the feed inlet moist while charging.
2. Filling the water tank(comes with the vehicle) full with clean water while charging material.
3. Rinse feed inlet after loading, wash the remaining concrete near feed inlet.
4. After arrive the site and discharge, flush the discharge trough, and then add to 30-40L clean water into the concrete tank to keep it slow forward rotation while back to the concrete plant.
5. Remember to drain aside the water in concrete tank before the next charging.
6. When the operation is completed every day, clean the concrete storage tank and the inlet and outlet thoroughly to ensure that there is no cement and concrete agglomeration.

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