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Small concrete mixer truck 6m3

Post by on 2020-04-16 17:48:20

Haomei small concrete mixer truck 6m3 has powerful engine, faster to upgrade, more economical and fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly and pollution-free. The gearbox has advantages of small 8-speed gearbox, high torque, fast climbing, international quality, high quality, light operation. The reducer of concrete mixer truck has international imported brand quality, stable operation, low failure rate. The hydraulic system of the concrete mixer truck all adopt internationally renowned hydraulic system, the tank body runs more stable, the discharge speed is faster, and the residual rate is low!

small concrete mixer truck

Advantages of small concrete mixer truck models are:
Model advantages: Among the concrete mixer truck models, the industry has the largest market share.
Engine advantages: Yuchai's 130-hp National Five EFI engine is certified to the Euro IV emission standard. The engine has strong power, faster upgrade, more economical and fuel saving, and is environmentally friendly and pollution-free!
Gearbox advantages: Small 8-speed gearbox, high torque, fast climbing, international quality, high quality, light operation.
Axle advantages: The vehicle is equipped with a high-strength rear axle, which has strong bearing capacity, is free of disassembly and maintenance, and saves more effort and money!
Advantages of cab: High-end cab, good sound insulation, overall stronger and safer! Luxurious center console, luxury mobile mansion!
Vehicle advantages: Create the best profit model of high speed, high efficiency, high reliability, and fuel saving.
After-sales service: There are after-sales service outlets, and the service is attentive, so that you can worry-free after-sales!
Quality assurance: The small concrete mixer truck has top international configuration.

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