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Features of HAOMEI small concrete mixer trucks

Post by on 2017-09-06 16:57:59

Haomei small concrete mixer trucks are independently developed products on the basis of advanced technology and over 20 years experience in concrete machine industry. The capacity ranges from 3 to 18 m3, which can meet customers’ various demands. With years’ development, Haomei concrete mixer truck has won good reputation and welcomed by customers all over the world, after summarized by our sales consultant, there are some unique feature which attracted clients’ interests.

small cpmcrete mixer trucks

1. The tank of concrete mixer truck adopts popular style, so that vehicle mode is chic, beautiful, compact and reasonable. Advanced 3D design, the leaf curve using the correction of the logarithmic spiral curve, and the blade add wear-resistant, so that using life is longer. Blade production process using special mold stamping. Tank welding using automatic welding machine.
2. Hydraulic system using imported components, the structure is compact and with high performance. Manipulation system using three-point manipulation, which is flexible and convenient, cab operation with self-locking function. Waterway system uses 450L large volume of water tank, piping with new product aluminum-plastic pipe, increase the vehicle aesthetics, while the water tank outlet add the filter device to ensure that the water is clean into the pump.
3. The various parts of the water tank with a small piece of phosphating spray red paint, the group after the whole phosphating, to prevent the internal corrosion of the tank. After welding then use of shot peening pretreatment process to avoid rust, paint using bus technology standards, strict requirements and durable.

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