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Structure Principle of Concrete Mixer Truck

Post by on 2017-02-10 18:03:17

Structure Principle of Concrete Mixer Truck

Power device

Domestic concrete mixer truck using the main vehicle engine take power approach. The function of the force-taking device is to take out the engine power by manipulating the force-taking switch, and to drive the stirring cylinder through the hydraulic system. The mixing cylinder rotates forwardly during the feeding and transportation to facilitate the feeding and stirring of the concrete, To the rotation, after the end of the work cut off with the engine power connection.

Hydraulic system

Will be taken out by the power of the engine power, into hydraulic energy (displacement and pressure), and then by the motor output for the mechanical energy (speed and torque), to provide power for the mixing tube rotation.


The hydraulic system in the motor output speed deceleration, to the mixing tube.

Operating mechanism

(1) control the direction of rotation of the mixing tube, so that in the process of feeding and transport forward rotation, the reverse rotation of the material.

(2) control the speed of the mixing drum.

Stirring device

The stirring device is mainly composed of a stirring cylinder and its auxiliary supporting parts. Mixing tube is a concrete loading container, rotating concrete along the spiral direction of the blade movement, in the continuous lifting and turning process by mixing and stirring. In the process of feeding and transportation, the mixing tube is rotating, the concrete along the blade inward movement, the material, the mixing tube reversal, the concrete out along the leaves outward.

The blade is the main part of the mixing device, damage or serious wear and tear will lead to uneven mixing of concrete. In addition, the angle of the blade if the design is unreasonable, but also to the emergence of concrete segregation.

Cleaning system

The main role of the cleaning system is cleaning the mixing tube, and sometimes also used for transport in the dry mixing tube. The cleaning system also cools the hydraulic system.

Fully enclosed device

The rotary sealing technology is adopted in the whole sealing device to seal the inlet and outlet of the mixer, which solves the problems of water evaporation, mortar delamination, concrete material scattering, traffic safety and so on.

Structure Principle of Concrete Mixer Truck


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