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Chassis develop of concrete truck mixer for sale

Post by on 2018-01-26 16:49:37

With the development of concrete mixer trucks market, the demand for more professional products has been increased, there must have more requirements on the performance and technical, so the development of concrete truck mixer for sale is rapidly with the market. Besides of the mixing drum, the biggest component of an concrete mixer truck must be the chassis vehicle, thus, the chassis plays an important roll in the whole development. At present, most of the concrete mixer trucks use national leading special vehicle chassis, such as Dongfeng, Sinotruk Howo, Steyr, Shanxi Delong, Aolong, Foton Auman, Faw Aowei, JAC, LiuQi and so on. With the days goes on, the chassis specialization is the inevitable develop trend.

concrete truck mixer for sale

When the concrete mixer truck is working, it is full of load on the way to construction site and no load at the time of return, it is not the same with the long-distance high-speed running of ordinary trucks. This means that the concrete truck mixer chassis does not need to be designed as full-scale transport chassis, full-scale design will result in waste of resources. Now most of the technical performance of concrete mixer truck chassis is special for road driving, the design speed is about 80 km/h, it is suitable for normal road driving. There is no chassis manufacturer can have a special design for the concrete truck mixer  for sale, in the future, the chassis manufacturers can be joint to develop real special chassis according to the characteristics of the working conditions and the concrete mixer truck itself, what’s more, the chassis and the upper body can be designed in integration.

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