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Concrete mixer truck tire routine maintenance experience

Concrete mixer truck tire routine maintenance experience:

Because concrete mixer truck manufacturers have chosen a brand of tire package, a one-time change of concrete mixer truck tire deal with the average consumer is spending a small fortune, matching tires generally follow the same brand, the same type of product.

Due to the flat rate differences manufacturers, the difference model tire rotation resistance and other cities is very different. The difference between a tire mix concrete mixers, concrete mixers probably cause deviation, for a long time or even damage the suspension system. Therefore, change tire brand, while the vehicle is generally initiated change. At least, we have two front tires or two rear tires simultaneously change, keeping your tires concrete mixer unanimously. As to distinguish the quality of tires, even for most new tires and retreaded tires are not recognized by the rookie class consumers, in addition, the foundation is nonsense. As to whether excessive back mixing incorporated in the production process, the average consumer is completely indistinguishable. Select tires, in general, consumers can only choose a trusted brand.

In addition, concrete mixers in the use of the spare tire, should pay attention to control the speed, preferably not higher than 90 km / h. Although, with better maintenance of the concrete mixer truck tires, it is normal than with poor tire maintenance, when more and more savings.

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