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Truck mounted concrete mixers, also called as concrete mixer trucks or concrete truck mixers, it is an important equipment in construction site and batching plant. The cost of a concrete mixer truck is not low, thus the correct operation and maintenance are required. There are 15 aspects in the operation regulations.

truck mounted concrete mixers

1, the automotive part of the concrete mixer truck should implement the general safety technical requirements for automobiles.
2, the fuel, hydraulic oil, lubricants, brake fluid and cooling water of truck mounted concrete mixers should be added enough, the quality should meet the requirements.
3, the appearance of the mixer tank and the chute, the buffer of the mixer tube rack shall not have cracks or damage, the chute stopper shall be free from slackness and damage, and the agitation blade wear shall be normal.
4, check the power output device and confirm that there is no loose bolts and oil leakage from the bearing.
5, the operator should warm-up before start the internal combustion engine, the instrument indicates the normal value, the pressure reach the specified value, and the mixing tube rotate at low speed for 3 ~ 5min, confirm that everything is normal before loading.
6, during mixing and transporting, the loading of concrete shall not exceed the rated capacity.
7, before charging, the mixing drum should be reversed to drain water and debris from the drum.
8, when charging the material, the joystick of the concrete mixer truck should be placed in the “loading” position and the rotation speed of the mixing drum should be adjusted so that the feeding can be performed smoothly.
9, before transport, the chute should be locked in the "travel" position without swing.
10, during transport, the mixer drum should rotate at low speed, but it must not stop. The concrete delivery time must not exceed the specified time.
11, when the mixing drum changes from positive to reverse, the joystick should be placed in the middle position. After the mixer is stopped, then the joystick handle can be placed in the reverse position.
12, when driving on uneven roads or corners, the speed should be reduced to 15km/h or less, and stirring and rotation should be suspended. When passing through gates, bridges, caves, etc., the height and width shall not be exceeded.
13, the continuous operation time of the stirring device should not exceed 8 hours.
14, the water level of the tank should be kept normal. When parking in winter, the water tank and water supply system should be drained.
15, when mixing the concrete, add 2/3 of the total amount of water to the mixer tank first, and then add aggregate and cement, then stir at the speed and time specified in the instructions.

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